The purpose of the Santa Fe / Fort Bayard National Cemetery Support Foundation is to support the mission of the cemeteries. We do that by organizing volunteers, individuals as well as groups, to assist the Director and staff in the performance and upkeep of the facilities.  We also are able to solicit donations of goods and services for use by the cemeteries. Federal regulations prohibit the National Cemetery from receiving donations, except for beautification. The non profit Foundation can receive these donations and use them to the benefit of the cemetery.

Special occasions such as Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Christmas time require a large force of volunteers to assist staff. Memorial Day celebrations could not happen without this cadre of volunteers. The installation of tens of thousands flags for Memorial Day and their retrieval the next day is essential to properly celebrate the remembrance of our Veterans who most selfishly gave so that we can live in a free society. At Christmas time the laying of thousands of wreaths is a special time to celebrate the Holiday Season.

The Foundation also organizes volunteers to assist in the weekly job of floral tribute retrievals for the entire cemetery. We recruit volunteers such as Church groups or various clubs to take on this task, thus relieving a limited staff from this time consuming job so that they may concentrate on other more important duties. This is a great civic activity for a group to take on.

We are in a special position to solicit funds for special projects such as purchase of new flags, landscaping additions, commemorative plaques, lighting and special pavements.

The Foundation is capable of assisting the Director and staff in providing guided tours of the cemetery. Medal of Honor recipients, Native American Code Talkers, Buffalo Soldiers, Territorial Governors are among those interred at the Cemetery.